Holiday dress up days continue this week! Monday is candy cane day. Wear red and white. #socsowen #beawesometoday
1 day ago, Lisa Eldridge
Candy cane
Tickets are still available for our Cookies and Canvas event this Friday! Call the office for info! #socsowen #beawesometoday
1 day ago, Lisa Eldridge
Work continued this week on the playhouse construction. Check out the decorations, fireplace, Christmas tree, and moveable drawbridge! It’s big, sturdy, and looks like lots of fun! Doing something for others makes everyone feel good! #socsowen #beawesometoday
1 day ago, Lisa Eldridge
drawbridge control
inside of house
Very proud of our OVMS band students! They put on quite the performance at their Winter concert. #socsowen #beawesometoday
2 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
8th grade
7th grade
Our Art Club members painted these wonderful decorations for the Spencer Christmas at the Square festivities. Check it out if you’re in town! #socsowen #beawesometoday
3 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
Picture retake packages were sent home with students today. Please call the school if you have any questions. #socsowen
3 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
Tomorrow is Cowboy/Cowgirl day! Wear your western attire and we will have a rootin’, tootin, Friday! Monday will be candy cane day so start looking for your red and white! #socsowen #beawesometoday
4 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
The work continues on the playhouse made from reusing the smart board packaging. Our students are designing the details! #socsowen #beawesometoday
5 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
welcome mat
We will be dreaming of a snowy holiday Thursday. Wear your favorite snowman or white attire. Friday is cowboy day! #socsowen #beawesometoday
5 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
Congratulations to the 7th and 8th grade boys teams for the wins tonight! #socsowen #beawesometoday
6 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
Tomorrow’s dress up day is all about lights and glitter. Anything that sparkles! Shine on, OVMS! #socsowen #beawesometoday
6 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
shine on!
The teachers were going to have all the fun but we decided to let the students join in with our holiday dress up days! Should be fun! #socsowen #beawesometoday
7 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
dress up days
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! Due to a gas leak this AM, all Owen Valley High School AND Owen Valley Middle School students will have an E-Learning Day. Students can contact teachers via email and access lessons through their Google classrooms.
7 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our OVMS friends and families! We are thankful to have the opportunity to teach and support our students. We hope you have a wonderful day! #socsowen # beawesometoday
11 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
happy thanksgiving
Students in Mrs. Tucker’s class continued to work on the construction project for our special-needs classroom. This collaboration is using many academic and social skills. It’s really starting to take shape! #socsowen #beawesometoday
12 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
Our students collected over 1700 items through our Student Council Food Drive! Any items Backpack Buddies can’t use will be donated locally. Great job, OVMS! #socsowen #beawesometoday
14 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
food drive info
food drive
The artwork project for Cookies and Canvas has been released. Check out this fun activity and get signed up soon! #socsowen #beawesometoday
15 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
School will be in session Monday, November 22, and Tuesday, November 23 this week. Enjoy the rest of the week as Thanksgiving Break! #socsowen #beawesometoday
16 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
STEM kits create opportunities for building, problem-solving, and perseverance! Real life skills that students need to practice. Plus, it’s fun! #socsowen #beawesometoday
16 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
coaster structure
New Smart Boards for many of our classrooms led to an idea to build a structure for the special needs classroom from the sturdy packaging. Stay tuned for updates! #socsowen #beawesometoday
16 days ago, Lisa Eldridge
breaking down