OVMS/OVHS Bands to Host Cheesecake Fundraiser

The time has once again come for our annual cheesecake fundraiser. This fundraiser has been extremely popular over the past few school years, as students have an opportunity to sell delicious cheesecakes with the money made going straight to their individual student band accounts. Last year we deposited $4,700 into student accounts!

More Information: Most cheesecakes (except the variety) are 7” and pre-sliced into 10 portions. All cakes are sold frozen and will arrive as such. The cheesecakes should be kept frozen when not being eaten. Thawed cakes can be refrozen (for best taste & texture refreeze within 36 hours). Shelf life if just kept in the refrigerator is 5 days, but cakes stored in the freezer can stay there for a very long time!

Costs: Most of the cheesecakes range from $17.50 to $19.00, with the larger variety cheesecake costing $25.00.

$17.50 - Traditional, Chocolate Chip

$19.00 - Cookies and Creme, Key Lime, Turtle, Strawberry, Raspberry, Pumpkin

$25.00 - Variety (seven flavors and an entire pound more of cheesecake)

Money Made for Students: Each cheesecake sold will deposit $7.50 into a student’s band account. This account is where families and students can keep track and pay of fees for high school & middle school ensembles, shirts/accessories (like marching band show shirts), and much more!

Unfortunately, because of the timing with money being due for Holiday World, students will NOT be able to use money made on this trip. However, this money never disappears and can be used on anything listed above!

Order Due Date: Orders are due by Friday, April 1

Checks: Checks can be made out to “Owen Valley Band Boosters”.
Please include your DL number

Delivery: Cheesecakes are scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday, April 13. This will be in time for Easter! Cakes will start to thaw, so please plan accordingly to pick them up on this date.

We can’t wait to see how successful students will be this spring!

Thank you!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Band Directors