Patriot Manufacturing Sales top $78K

What a fantastic year! Our very own Patriot Manufacturing students and staff had a very successful 2022. Patriot Manufacturing grossed $78,563 from January - December 2022, which is up $5,900+ from 2021.

Some Highlights Include:

• Moved into a larger space to accommodate all of Pat Man's equipment

• Provided tours to WRV, Loogootee, MCCSC, and area Superintendents

• Pat Man student leaders presented at Conexus Student Industries in Indianapolis to share best practices

• Pat Man traveled to WRV to participate in a Student-Based Enterprise symposium sponsored by ROI

• Pat Man leaders were invited to be part of creating a Student-Based Enterprise Toolkit for other school corporations throughout the state.

• Paid Pat Man employees $10.00/hour for hours worked after school and in the summer

• Partnered with Conexus to bring in the Patriot Manufacturing production team, student managers, and staff to train in July and provided stipends

• Invoiced 349 customers (increase of 83 from 2021), collected/deposited funds, learned important accounting principles

• Purchased a new 6-color screen printer, screen flasher, and dryer with profits to improve quality and increase product offerings (~$10,000)

• Provided cost savings to our OVMS/OVHS athletic departments by completing apparel orders in-house

• Provided cost savings to Owen Valley Sports Complex parents/players by completing softball/baseball uniform orders

• Offered "pop-up" Spirit Shop apparel at OVMS/OVHS ball games

Upcoming Goals (Now - May 2023):

• Decrease screen printing errors

• Focus on lean manufacturing

Most importantly, our students are learning valuable and transferable work skills through quality hands-on, real-world instruction. They just keep getting better each year! 🙂We are SO proud of these students, staff, and the entire program!