Good Citizenship in Action!

"OV Youth Football had games scheduled today at Patriot Field. Some high school players stopped by and watched, which was great because I’m not sure they really grasp how much the younger kids idolize them.

As the last of the parents were leaving, I witnessed Senior Christian McDonald tell Junior Hemi Shepard how displeased he was with how the trash was over-flowing and scattered everywhere. (Friday night’s game plus Saturday’s games left little room to put trash).

They stayed to clean up, but there were no trash bags. I sent my daughter to the hardware store to grab trash bags. We all picked up the whole facility and took the bins to the front gate to help them get emptied easier on Monday.

The other thing I saw and heard was not only telling each thank and be careful but they both told each other how much they appreciate each other…characteristics that normal teenagers don’t display!

It was very genuine and their parents, teachers, administrators, and coaches should be proud. I know as an alum, I AM!”

FSgt. Michael Wood
Indiana State Police