Governor's Work Ethic Certificate Recipients Announced

Governor's Work Ethic Certification Program – What is It?

The Governor's Work Ethic Certification Program identifies and evaluates area high school seniors who may be good candidates for success in the workplace or in higher education. The Governor's Work Ethic Certification Program will engage qualifying high school seniors throughout the state. This program brings together highs school teachers and administrators, mentors, students and local employers for a common goal: To identify and mentor high school seniors who demonstrate the kind of character, work ethic, and skills that produce good employees or good students of higher education.

Students receiving the GWEC are measured in nine areas of academic and work ethic competency. Five subjective measures (persistence, respectfulness, teamwork, initiative, and efficiency) will require three staff members each to sign stating the student has met these requirements.

Students must also complete 6 hours of community service, have a GPA of 2.0 or higher, meet all graduation requirements, have an attendance rate of 98% or better, four or fewer sign-ins/sign-outs, or tardies to school, and one or fewer discipline referrals for the year.

Our next step is to continue working with our business community and post-secondary institutions to determine how they will commit their support of this program and to the students earning the certificate. Based on feedback we have received from the local business community, it is obvious that they place great value on employees being at work on a regular basis and on time, being able to work with others, being able to solve problems, and being a self-starter. The goal this year is to partner with businesses in the local and surrounding area that will honor the GWEC.

Please encourage your child/children to participate in this program. If you have any questions, please contact Lori Walsh at 812-829-2266.

Program Goals:

*Connect employers to their local school district through a College and Career Readiness Advisory Council designed to create a collaborative partnership that benefits the community.

*Provide students with an understanding of necessary employability skills for today’s in-demand jobs and allow them an opportunity to demonstrate these skills while in high school.

*Provide employers with potential workers who understand the values and importance of responsibility and perseverance in the workplace.