Face Masks Required for Students & Staff

3 August 2021

Dear Spencer-Owen Families,

The Owen County Health Department announced today the following regarding a required mask mandate for the Spencer-Owen Community Schools,

"At this time the Owen County Health Department is mandating that all staff and students over 8 years of age at Spencer Owen Community Schools wear masks or face coverings. This takes effect Thursday 8/5/2021 and will continue through 8/31/2021 when the situation will be reevaluated. Plans are being made to offer Pfizer Vaccination to students 12 and over within the next few weeks.  On behalf of Dr. Wells, thank you."

Due to today’s announcement we have been required to begin the 2021 – 2022 school year requiring masks for students and staff as described above. I am providing you with this information as quickly as possible so you may prepare for the requirements of this mandate, and allow you time to work with and discuss with your children these requirements as they prepare for the start of their school year. My hope is that as we begin classes and get into our ‘school groove’ that the need for masks will hopefully decline and the Health Department will be able to lift the mandate at the end of August. I ask for your cooperation in working toward this goal.

As the Health Department provides additional information regarding the opportunity for students age 12 and over to receive a vaccine, that information will be shared with you to consider and make a decision best for your family.

The School Corporation’s Re-Entry plan will be updated to reflect the required mandate for the month of August (8/5/21 – 8/31/21). We will continue to do our best to balance the academic and safety needs of our students and staff while implementing this mandate.

Thank you,

Andy Cline