Safe Re-Opening Draft Notification
On behalf of the SOCS Board of Trustees, please review 2021-2022 Draft SOCS Safe 
Re-entry/Back to School Protocols related to COVID-19 and the start of the new school year. 
You will see a PowerPoint PDF overview for quick references, and a Word PDF document as well.  
Please understand that our goal for this upcoming school year is to educate students in as 
normal/traditional manner as possible and as allowed.  Right now, these are the draft 
guidelines/procedures that we will follow, but please understand that some of these protocols 
may change dependent upon what we must or must not follow from national, state and/or local 
health departments.If you have additional questions, please reach out Mr. Cline for 
assistance. These draft procedures/protocols will be reviewed and approved at the July 22nd 
Board of Trustee meeting. We look forward to the start of the new year!   Thank you for 
taking time to review this important information.
Review full draft at: