2019-2020 School Calendar


Calendar 2019-2020


August 5                                Monday                                 First Teacher Day

August 6                                Tuesday                                First Day for Students

September 2                         Monday                                Labor Day (No School)

October 7-11                       Mon.-Fri.                                Fall Break (No School)

November 27-29                 Wed.-Thurs.-Fri.                  Thanksgiving Break (No School)

December 20                       Friday                                    No School unless needed for Snow Day.

December 23                       Monday                                No School Christmas Break



January 6                             Monday                                 First Day for Students after Christmas Break

January 20                          Monday                                 Martin Luther King Day

                                                                                               (No School/Make-up Day)*

February 17                        Monday                                 President’s Day

                                                                                                (No School/Make-up Day)*

March 16-20                        Mon.-Fri.                               Spring Break (No School)

May 20                                  Wednesday                          Last Day for Students

                                                                                         (unless we need to makeup Snow Days)*                                                                    

May 21                                 Thursday                              Records Day

                                                                                          (No Students, unless makeup days needed)*                                                                                                            

May 22                                  Friday                                   Department Chair/Grade Chair Work Day*

May 25                                  Monday                                Memorial Day (No School)


 *If make-up days are necessary due to school cancellation, they will be added in the following order: 12/20, 1/20 2/17, 5/21, 5/22, 5/26, 5/27, 5/28, 5/29.

Second Semester Records Day and Department Chair Work Day would immediately follow any additional make-up days.

Grading Periods


1st Grading Period Ends: October 4, 2019                 43 days

2nd Grading Period Ends: December 20, 2019         46 days

3rd Grading Period Ends: March 13, 2020                  48 days

4th Grading Period Ends: May 20, 2020                      43 days


Approved by SOCS Board of Trustees 04/11/2019

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