Owen Valley Patriot Choirs

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Patriot Choir Mission:

It will be the Mission of the Owen Valley Choirs to serve the community and its members by providing opportunities for musicianship, leadership, and teamwork through rehearsal, classroom experiences, and community and school performances.

Patriot Choir Vision:

The Owen Valley Choirs are an inclusive and collaborative community of middle and high school musicians who work together toward a common goal of presenting group performances offered to the public. The choir is intended to involve beginning musicians and their families in a range of activities and guided experiences aimed to engage students in the process of learning about music and performance. During this process, the students will:

  •  Learn how to create music in a collaborative and caring environment.
  •  Learn how to use their voices in efficient, functional, and healthful ways.
  •  Learn how to read and interpret musical notation.
  •  Learn to treat others empathetically, with respect and dignity, through common creative experiences.
  •  Learn artistic interpretations of choral music through explorations of a variety of musical styles and pieces from contrasting time periods and cultures and in different languages.
  •  Learn about stagecraft and deportment, including dance and creative movement.
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