Health Office Rules

Health Office Rules

    Spencer-Owen Community Schools Health Services 

                       Health Concerns For Students 

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s),

Please review this letter that contains rules concerning your child’s health at school.

Accurate contact numbers are essential to ensure your child’s needs are met, and that we can reach you in an emergency. Please update your contact numbers. 


IN law requires that children maintain up to date shots, or a doctor’s written exemption, or a religious objection. All objections must be renewed each school year. Forms available in the nurse’s office. Letters will be sent home if your child is missing shots.


A child cannot attend school with a fever of 100 or greater. Children must STAY HOME FOR 24 HOURS after the fever is gone. This means their temperature stays normal for 24 hours WITHOUT fever-reducing medicine.


A child cannot attend school with active vomiting or diarrhea. Children must STAY HOME FOR 24 HOURS after vomiting and diarrhea are gone.   This means vomiting or diarrhea must stay gone for 24 hours WITHOUT medicine.  It is also essential that your child tolerates eating and drinking before returning to school. 


Children’s allergies should be noted on their enrollment. If allergies are multiple or severe, please talk to the nursing staff in person at your child’s school. If an EPI-PEN is required, we need an Epi-pen to keep here at school in the nurse’s office.


If a child needs to take medicine daily, or as needed, at school it must be given by the school nurse. A parent, NOT THE CHILD, must transport the medicine to school in the labeled bottle, and the parent must sign permission forms. Some children may carry their medicine, such as an inhaler, with a doctor’s written permission.  If you have complications that preclude you from dropping off medication, please call your nurse, or the corporation nurse, so we can assist you with a solution.


If a child needs an antibiotic, they must be on it for 24 hours before returning to school. This applies to contagious infections, i.e. pink eye or strep throat. If you are uncertain what you should do, please call your school nurse or the corporation nurse for assistance.  We are happy to assist you.  


Our school has a new policy re: head lice. We now keep children at school who have old nits in their hair. If nits are freshly laid and close to scalp or there are live lice, the case is active, so the child would be sent home. If a child is sent home, they cannot ride the bus until they are cleared by the school nurse. After the hair is treated, the parent must bring the child back to be checked in the nurse’s office before returning to the classroom. If we can assist in any way, please let us know. Working together, we can generally resolve most issues. We look forward to the new school year with your child.

Thank you,

Julie Allen, RN, BSN 

SOCS Corporation Nurse

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